Welcome to Farnam Insights

We are four Yale University freshmen who have come together to form a college consulting group aimed at assisting high school students in areas that are not targeted heavily by admissions departments.  Our goal is to help get these students accepted to the best colleges they possibly can. As freshmen, we have all very recently been through this stressful time in your life. The time spent applying to colleges is quite challenging and having someone with experience to help you navigate the process can be an intangible asset. It not only can ease the weight of the process but also achieve better results. As college admissions consultants, you can expect us to assist you with framing your applications, essays, timelines, interviews, and choosing classes and extracurriculars. Since the 2018-2019 college application cycle is our first, we are offering our services free of charge. Private consultants offering a similar service to ours can cost upwards of $10,000. College applications are getting more competitive than ever before, but, with our help and your effort, we will help you get accepted into the best colleges you possibly can and find the best college for you. Since the summer before senior year is valuable time in the application process, we hope to start working together as soon as possible.  To learn more about us, click here, or if you feel that you are ready, click here to apply.